R&D projects financed on the basis of public competitions:

NATIONAL PROJECTS. Financing Entity: Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce. Spain

Trend analysis in the Childcare sector: Parenting profiles and trends in products for babies. ASEPRI, AIJU, AEI de la Infancia. 2013-2014.

PROCUR@. Open platform to support prevention and rehabilitation of neurodegenerative illness. 2012. Design manager for the development of platforms to be used by patients with Alzheimer’s. 2011-2013

Challenges for the future of the toy industry: Business models and innovation. 2011-2012

The Children’s Trend Observatory (Coordinator). Market analysis related to children and society, products, ways of communication, distribution & strategies for companies who targeted them. 2008 -2012

logo observatorio Tendencias

Promotion of the innovation and dinamization of the toy sector:  Design, Technology, Consumer and Strategy. Reindustrialization Programme. 2009- 2010


EUROPEAN PROJECTS. Financing Entity: European Commission

SOCIABLE Motivating platform for elderly networking, mental reinforcement and social interaction. 2009-2011. Design manager for the development of video games for the elderly.


REGIONAL PROJECTS, Financing Entity: IMPIVA (Regional Institution for the support of the SMEs)

Knowledge Centre for Excellence in Early Childhood, Since 2009 till present

DESIGN VALUE I II, III, Valuable contributions to the company’s product lines: Innovating designs and illustrations for the target. 2009, 2010, 2011.

New business models with the integration of Competitive Intelligence Systems. SATIE. 2010, 2011.

ICONTOYS. Analysis of the process to communicate the characteristics of toys. Proposal of a common iconography for the toy sector. 2011

Definition of the consumer for the development of innovating children’s products at national and international level: Babycare and Pre-School. 2010

Study of the social profiles of infants for the  development of innovating products. 2009

Toys made in Spain: Development of an innovative toy by combining design & illustration. 2008, 2009

Trend Kids: Promotion of trends to improve the design and development of children’s products. 2008

Distribution channel planning for children’s fashion and child care. 2008

Innovation level study of toy companies in the Valencian Region: National and international  comparative study. 2008

Testing methodology for developing innovating toy design lines based on the value of good illustration. 2007, 2008



PhD RESEARCH: Babies playing with Apps: Considerations for their design and use. In development.

Analyst for the Trend Gallery. Nuremberg Toy Fair, Since 2013

Personal research on education on-line:;;;