Encentímetros: Promotion of good design for babies, from 2012

This is a project that started with an exhibit during the Valencian Design Week. The exhibit was focus on showing designers how interesting the industry of baby products may be for them too. From that moment I have been involved with “Magnet Comunicacion” in this project to continue promoting good design for babies, now through a blog as well as organizing other events.


Toys made in Spain: Development of an innovative toy by combining design & illustration, 2009

After writing a publication to show the industry how illustrators could help them improve their products for children, I coordinated a project to develop a toy that could show the potential of this collaboration.


Internacional Toy Design Competition. 2005 – 2012

I started and coordinated an International Toy Design Competition to promote the role of Industrial Design in the toy industry. During its 7 editions we had design students participating from more than 40 countries.

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