Independent consultant + AIJU’s Trend & Design Researcher  October 2012 to Present
Social, market and product trend analysis to assist children’s sectors and academia.


Children’s Trend & Design Project Manager. AIJU, Toy & Infant Products Research Institute. February 2005- September 2012.


Children’s products researcher, USA. Highly Specialized Programme in the design and development of recreational products in the USA.
Interships granted by the European Comission, IMPIVA and AIJU

Playing for keeps, Chicago, IL
December 2005

RC2 (3rd largest toy company in the USA at the time, now is part of TOMY), Oak Brook, IL
January – June 2006

Radio Flyer (Emblematic American toy company), Chicago, IL
July – August 2006

Brandscope (Design consultancy), Chicago, IL
September  – December 2006

OTIS School of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA
April – May 2007

Other collaborations:
ASTRA – American Specialty Toy Retailing Association
LEKOTEK – Helping Children with Special Needs
TOYS ETCETERA – Specialty Toy Store


Board member of IMPIVA Disseny (Regional Institution for the support of the SMEs and design). 2008-2012

Board member of ITRA (International Toy Research Association).  2009 – 2014