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I am a designer and an illustrator whose career has been focused on research about society, the market and its trends. I am specialized in the world of children’s products as a designer, as a trend researcher and also as a professor.

I have always been active developing projects to show designers, illustrators, the industry and society the opportunities and benefits of designing better products for children and their families. To achieve this goal I started and coordinated several projects such as┬áthe Children’s Trends Observatory at AIJU, in Spain, and an International Toy Design Competition. With the goal of training designers and illustrators I also started specialized diplomas and a master for toy design and children’s products.

I am a passionate researcher on understanding the needs of current parents and children. For several years, I have been studying issues that can affect families and the products targeted at them such as the impact of changes in society, the influence of media and new technologies, the power of marketing and other business strategies, etc. With this research I have been able to assist research centers and academia, as well as companies, on the best ways to create products and content for children and their families.

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